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Brent and Jen Mortensen have been married for 27 years.  Brent is an international computer consultant and Jen an Elementary school teacher and they have raised 4 children in Redlands, CA. Brent and Jen recently relocated to Tomball, TX to be closer to family and to care for aging parents.  Our interest in Lice Clinics of America started last year when a sister brought lice to a family reunion.  Chaos was king in the house for 72 hours as we washed everything, threw away all combs and brushes and quarantined the kids. We made multiple trips to the pharmacy purchasing hundreds of dollars of ineffective over the counter treatments only to find bugs the next day. When we found Lice Clinics of America we were able to get in with eleven people.  We were screened and treated successfully in a couple of hours. Peace of mind was restored and our reunion thankfully ended with everyone still loving each other.

We want to offer that same peace of mind to families of Northwest Houston. We would love to see you.  Call us if you need us.  (Although we hope you don’t.)

We are Lice Clinics of America. Let us introduce ourselves.

Lice Clinics of America (LCA) was conceived with one goal in mind: to give parents and caregivers the safest, most complete and effective head-lice treatments available. We treat head lice in a friendly, comfortable environment, by clinicians your kids will love.
Our lice treatment is formulated to kill lice every time, for every person, with just one treatment.

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